we are
a highly skilled company with many years of experience that puts great faith in mutual trust and relationships with our clients and partners. Partnership to us means not only listening, but understanding as well.

we have
passionately focussed ourselves on our key strengths: internal and external sunshade systems and products providing protection from fire and smoke.

we love
the synthesis of technology and design and want with our products and services to make a contribution to good architecture.

we aim
to develop new products, drive things forward and open up new possibilities. Innovation is what spurs us on.

we seek
the optimum solution for our clients, without losing sight of cost-efficiency. ‘Keep it simple’ is often the more efficient solution.

we hope
with our products to actively contribute to the reduction of buildings’ energy consumption and thus to responsible interaction with nature and the resources on our planet.

we believe
that our motivated and highly trained employees represent the key foundation for our company’s success and further development.

we regard
high quality and reliability of our products and services as an essential prerequisite for our company’s ability to succeed in the future.

we are clauss markisen

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